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Please send your article to the Editor by email using the ‘Button’ below.  The article should be an attachment to the email.  

Also please include a brief ‘cover note’ in the message area.

This email should also be used when sending all other word communications to the Editor, e.g. Letters to the Editor, Announcements of Bat Mizvahs, engagements, etc.  Please restrict your announcements to a maximum of 25 words.

As an approximation, each page of the Edinburgh Star (without photographs) contains 750-800 words.



Please send your photographs to the Editor by email using the button below.  The photographs should be attachments to the email.

Also please include a brief ‘cover note’ in the message area.  This should include the title of the submission (max. 20 words) and any captions (max. 5 words).

Submissions should be restricted to a maximum of 5 photographs otherwise the Editor will almost certainly select which are included for publication and which (if any) will be in the issue’s web supplement on this site.

Individual photos should not be larger than 250K bytes since they may be reduced in size and/or resolution when published.

Please do NOT incorporate captions within the photos as the ‘house style’ of the magazine and this website is to place captions outside photographs (see the web page ‘PHOTOS’).





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