The following may assist you in finding back issues, articles, photos and announcements on this website. Enjoy your time on these pages.

The website is navigable via the ‘main’ links at the top of the website (or via the ‘Select Page’ menu on a mobile device).


The printed publication is distributed annually. There are primarily 2 kinds of material that may not be in it. These are articles that missed the publication deadline and which could not be held over until the next issue or extra photographs which accompanied an article but were not printed.

In addition some announcements may be incorporated on this site but not in the printed issue.


All photographs submitted by community members and accepted by the editor, but which have no obvious link to specific issues are located on these pages.


This page links to a full PDF archive of the magazine. Click an issue to be taken through to the individual page for that issue. Here you can view, read or search the issue (including full screen option for ease of reading). You can also download the issue via the ‘Download PDF’ button.


This section will contain occasional and various articles of interest submitted to the magazine website. Includes instructions on how to submit for inclusion.


Here you will find a search box from which you can search the full magazine archive. Simply enter your desired search word or phrase and click ‘Search’. Your search results will be presented. Here you can read or download the individual PDF page from the relevant issue OR download the corresponding full magazine issue. Simply click the links fo your choice to explore your search results.


Here you will find out contact details plus information relating to submitting and article or photograph for the magazine or website.

There is a Sitemap link at the bottom of the website. Here you will find links to all pages within the Edinburgh Star website.